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    Belarus Is Bust If you read my previous article, you will be fully aware that my latest focus has been attached to events in Germany and the restart of the […]

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    Brest Is Best If you read my previous article, you will be fully aware that the Bundesliga is once again ready and open for business and although my pursuit of […]

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    If you read my previous article (which annoying looks like an absolute horror show when it comes formatting – not sure why), you will be aware that it was once […]

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    Trying Our Luck If you read my previous article you will know that my previous attempt at data driven betting excellence, was nothing short of absolutely woeful. However, undeterred by […]

  • Wrong Wrong Wrong

    Wrong Wrong Wrong In my previous article, the focus was on the action in Belarus and attempting another weekend of data driven excellence and with the dust more than settled […]

  • Back To Belarus

    Back To Belarus In my previous article,I reviewed how my first raft of data driven football predictions fared in Belarus and although data driven excellence is yet to be achieved, […]

  • A Minsk Coat

    A Minsk Coat In my previous article I kickstarted my series on betting on the Belarus Premier League (once again beggars cannot be choosers) and although there was little in […]

  • Going To Belarus

    Going To Belarus Now it will come as no surprise to anyone that this website has been rather dormant as of late and the reason for that is the cessation […]