What Footballers Enjoy Gambling On The Side

What Footballers Enjoy Gambling On The Side

As most will know, being an elite footballer can come with certain pressures. It is not enough to simply be better than others and make it to the highest level – that’s the easy part. From here, elite footballers will need to consistently maintain their high level of play, otherwise, the team and the footballer’s career could suffer. Given this pressured environment, there is no doubt that many footballers will engage in certain entertainment that allows them to unwind and take a break from work. While the entertainment sector is massive and covers many different industries, gambling is one activity that is regularly accessed by footballers.

The global gambling industry has been around for a long time, as has the activity of gambling itself. Everyone enjoys a bit of gambling on the side, and this is especially true for those who live in sports-obsessed countries such as the UK. In this example, the Premier League represents the top division of football and millions enjoy taking to sportsbooks to place bets on the weekend’s games. While many footballers enjoy gambling too, they are typically forbidden to place bets on any football game, given their position as a footballer. There have been cases of fixing regarding footballers and bets, so instead, footballers tend to pursue other ways to gamble instead, such as the online casinos that can be found here at casino genie, though there are many other sites that players can access.

It may surprise some to learn how many footballers enjoy gambling when they’re not playing football, but this is likely because these players have a much higher income than the average person. Having access to more funds, footballers can gamble more frequently and with higher amounts. Here are a few of the most popular footballers that have been spotted having fun gambling.

Gianluigi Buffon

Many will have heard of this name before, especially Italians. This is because Buffon is arguably Italy’s greatest goalkeeper and perhaps one of the greatest of all time too. Buffon is one of many footballers who is fond of gambling, and some might already know he is the footballing ambassador of PokerStars. Interestingly, Buffon encourages gambling so much that he has previously appeared on TV adverts that promote the activity.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Ronaldo is more than just a player; he has become a household name in the same way that David Beckham did. There is no doubt that Ronaldo is heading the same way, if he ever retires that is. Those who are fans of Ronaldo might know that this elite footballer also enjoys a bit of gambling on the side and Ronaldo’s preferred game of choice is poker, similar to Buffon.


Neymar is another big name that has played for two of the biggest clubs in the world. As well as being exceptionally skilled at football, particularly when it comes to showboating, he also favours poker when he gambles. Neymar has not been shy about his gambling habits and he has even spoken out on social media regarding his enthusiasm for the game.

There is no doubt that footballers, more than most, need some kind of entertainment to help them deal with the daily pressure they face. Gambling is one regularly accessed activity they use to do exactly this, although they are limited when it comes to betting on sports

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