Potentially Bouncing Back

Potentially Bouncing Back

Potentially Bouncing Back

If you read my previous article on trying to conquer the English Premier League via a data driven betting approach, you will know that it failed absolutely miserably and although you sometimes have to brace yourself for poor performance, I was not prepared for what was in store.

However, undettered or perhaps a glutton for punishment, I am back with another raft of picks from my good friend ‘PremBot’ and after such a meek showing last time out, surely this is where I potentially bounce back.


Once again, time constraints have got the better of me because the same Bundesliga based reason as before and that means, I cannot offer up a neat image. Don’t panic though, because you can have the raw data table instead.

Home Team Home Form Away Form Away Team Prediction
Liverpool WWWWWW WLLLLL Bournemouth Liverpool
Arsenal LLWDWW WLLLLL West Ham Arsenal
Sheffield United WDWLWD DLLLDL Norwich Sheffield United
Southampton LDWLLW LLDDLL Newcastle Southampton
Wolves LWDLDW DLLLDD Brighton Wolves
Crystal Palace DWDLLW LDWLDL Watford Crystal Palace
Burnley WLLWDW WDLDWL Tottenham Burnley
Chelsea LLWDLW DWLDWL Everton Draw
Manchester United DWWLDW WLWWLW Manchester City Draw
Leicester DLLWDL LLWDLL Aston Villa Leicester


If I’m honest, I do like the look of what ‘PremBot’ has spat out and usually after such a poor week regarding my data driven football predictions, it does tend to swing back the other way, so there is certainly cause for optimism but at the same time that could just as easily be construed as blind faith.

Maybe the games at Stamford Bridge and Old Trafford being labelled both as draws as a hint of concern behind it, That said, without those, there would be no draws at all and that would raise even more of a red flag.

Therefore, I’m going to run with this and go for a largely home dominated 10-fold and because I feel like my luck is in. I’m also going to stick 1 unit (£1) on this, meaning that when (not if) it comes in, it will return a cool £1,300.

From a non-financial stance, I really need to get the overall success rate up to a more respectable level and that means getting back to at least 50/50, although if I am to do that this week, I am going to need a staggering nine out of ten predictions to be correct.

If it gets to that point and I don’t end up scooping £1,300, I think I’m going to have a long lie down. Let’s hope that there are celebrations to be had on the otherside of my Bundesliga weekend. Allas Klaar!

Happy punting and thanks for reading. Dan

If this has grabbed your interest and you would like to discuss/feedback then please feel free to drop me a message at dan@realfootballman.com. While I am always looking for new football/data projects to work on and if you feel that my skills would be of use, I can be contacted at the same address.

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