Climbing The Mountain

Climbing The Mountain

Climbing The Mountain

If you read my previous article on trying to get the better of Europe’s other Bundesliga you will know that I was a huge upset away from winning a 55/1 six-fold bet at my first attempt and who let me down, none other than Austrian giants Red Bull Salzburg.

Still undeterred by victory slipping through my fingers, it is it time to try my luck once again (admittedly I missed out on last week’s fixture due to time constraints) and with that in mind, here is my latest round of ‘AutBot’ predictions.

Climbing The Mountain


The tie of the round is undoubtedly Wolfsberger AC playing at home to LASK, although this also makes life harder when it comes to trying to predict a winner and that means that ‘AutBot’ has plumped for a draw.

While in the quest of data driven betting excellence, it is a draw that has also been selected in the basement clash between Mattersburg and Admira Wacker (Moedling for all your newcomers), the theory here being that two awful sides have a tendency to cancel each other out.

Apart from that though, it is home wins all the way and although this looks like a rather risky strategy, they are the picks that I would have gone for if I walked into my local high street bookmakers and filled out a coupon.

Especially when you consider two other external factors:

a) Red Bull Salzburg have a huge clash against Liverpool in midweek, therefore will they rest some of their players this weekend?
b) There is also the Vienna derby and you could quite as easily throw any form book out of the window – especially if my Russian betting experiences have taught me anything.

Which means I am also putting my 83% match success rate on the line (admittedly it is only five out of six because we are working with the law of small numbers here). Will it come good and will another of my readers have a success story to tell come Monday morning. Only time will tell.

Happy punting and thanks for reading. Dan

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