A Russian Supermodel

A Russian Supermodel

What does a Russian Supermodel and data have in common? More than you think actually. Although I must come clean at this point and let you into a little secret, as it is not necessarily the kind of leggy blonde that you were thinking of.

That’s because I am embarking on a new project, one that will not only allow me to fine tune my data modelling skills but also marry my two passions of statistics and football together,

Something that has allowed me to work on the creation of infographic models, such as the example that you will see below – Russian Premier League Week 9 2019/20

A Russian Supermodel

What this does, is highlight all the fixtures played in any given gameweek and also displays the current form of the two teams that will face each other.

Why have I picked the Russian Premier League as an example, the reasons for this are two fold:

1) Their season has already played more games than their European counterparts and therefore I have more stats to work with
2) There are only 16 teams in the league, therefore making life a little easier in terms of modelling.

I could have picked Serie A, Premier League or La Liga as a working example but then I’d have 20 teams to work with – although I should add I have built a template to generate ANY league you want and already have 15 working examples.

For more on the pure infographic side of things – you can head over to my sister website headtoheadstats for a better understanding of how it all works.

Without digressing, the pure infographic element is certainly interesting but I was thinking to myself “what if we could do more with it”

And then it hit me – what about trying to build a predictive model from the stats that I already have and then try and test it against the betting companies.

Therefore the challenge that I’ve set myself is – can I make money from my own predictive model.

A challenge that could be two fold:

1) Can I make money from individually betting on each game at 1unit, with the predictive model that I’ll build

2) Can I predict all eight results correctly in any given week and win big.

With that in mind, why not test both at the same time and this is exactly what I am going to do each week. Hopefully you’ll join me along the way, as we test and learn and see how much of a success this can be.

In the next post, I’ll explain the model in more detail and more importantly we’ll look ahead to the first week of live betting.

Until then, thanks for reading and buckle up for the ride. Dan.

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