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  • The European List

    The European List In my previous article I served up a rather hefty list of probability data and it was one that that covered all five English leagues. However, in […]

  • Sharing The Burden

    Sharing The Burden In a previous article, I focused on football with a more continental flavour and it is to all things Europe that I am going to focus on […]

  • A Euro Score

    A Euro Score In my previous article,.I served up a whole list of goal probability in order to help you make better data driven betting decision and because there’s not […]

  • The Probability Factor

    The Probability Factor Last week I announced that business had been scaled up and that meant that the major European Leagues had been included in my weekly analysis, something that […]

  • A Data Dump

    A Data Dump If you read yesterday’s article, you will be aware that I have scaled up operations and that means I can now analyse the other four leagues of […]

  • A Gut Check

    A Gut Check As you will know by now, I have been testing out some predictive modelling for both the English and Russian Premier League competitions. For the former, it […]