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  • Step By Step

    Step By Step In my previous article,  I referenced the fact that my pursuit of data driven betting excellence had taken me to more sunnier climbs and although I will […]

  • A Spanish Model

    A Spanish Model In my previous article I gave a quick recap on my pursuit on data driven betting excellence and with the English Premier League having a split gameweek, […]

  • A Quick Recap

    A Quick Recap Just a follow up piece from last week’s pair of English Premier League articles and it is fair to say that if one was on the way […]

  • In Both Halves

    In Both Halves In my previous article, I looked at when the goals were scored in the English Premier League and more importantly which half. While in doing so, it […]

  • In Which Half

    In Which Half In my previous article, I focused on the reams of numbers across the major European leagues and how it may help this weekend in regard to our […]

  • Sharing The Burden

    Sharing The Burden In a previous article, I focused on football with a more continental flavour and it is to all things Europe that I am going to focus on […]

  • Data Driven Visualisation

    Data Driven Visualisation In my previous article, I referenced how the attempt at data driven betting excellence was one that hit the skids after an awful showing last weekend and […]

  • The Draw Specialists

    The Draw Specialists In my previous article, I highlighted a scenario where data driven football predictions went as well as they possibly could. Unfortunately in this article, I will have […]

  • A Saturday Special

    A Saturday Special If you read my previous article on this particular topic, you will know that my previous attempt at data driven betting excellence was one that can be […]

  • Holding Our Own

    Holding Our Own There has been something of a content backlog as of late, but fear not it is time to return to looking at data driven betting and more […]