Developer Notes

This page will give a quicker index of when key changes have been made to the model and also the articles were they are referenced. In doing so, you and I can both keep track of progress (or the lack here of) along the way.

r = Russian Premier League (when I work on parallel models, more abbreviations will be introduced)

r2.02 – As Model 2.01 But With Less Home Weight
r2.01 – As Model 2.0 But With Less Away Weight
r2.0 – Comparing Last Six Home Results Versus Last Six Away Results
r1.03 – Form Index Showing Least To Most Recent Both Home And Away
r.1.02 – Another Tweak To The Form Index And Adding Home Team Weight
r1.01 – Tweaking The Form Index
r1 – Putting The Model Live
r0 – Control Test

e = English Premier League


e3 – One of not both combinations required for away from home result
e2 – Using League Position And Form Index Combined
e1 – Changing Form Index And Adding Home Team Weight
e0 – Control Test

s = Spanish La Liga

s0 = Control Test

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