Looking Forward To The World Cup

Looking Forward To The World Cup

When it comes to football, the biggest competition is always the World Cup. The rarity of makes up a large part of the reason for this – it only comes around every four years. This means that countries have the make the most of their chance to win it in the year that it occurs, otherwise they have to regroup and wait nearly another half a decade more. Given the popularity of football, the World Cup is one of the most-watched sporting events in the world, and every four years, the football betting scene receives a surge of activity. While betting is a fun way to watch football games, some people might prefer to click here to access online casinos instead.

Many will already be aware that the 2022 World Cup will be held in Qatar this year, but it will break from tradition and occur mainly during winter instead of summer. As this time draws ever closer, it is always good fun to look forward and predict which teams could theoretically end up taking the trophy home with them. However, considering that the whole world is in contention for the cup, this always proves a difficult task given how many quality national teams there are.

Germany is one team that could win the World Cup. They are no stranger to success, as Englishmen will know. The manager of the German national team is Hansi Flick, one of the best tacticians in the game. This is not to mention that Germany has access to some top-tier players such as Kai Havertz, Ilkay Gundogan and Toni Kroos. While Germany has experienced disappointing success of late, this could change very soon.

England is another team that could win the World Cup as in the recent Euros 2020, they looked like a side to be reckoned with. Despite crashing out in the final to Italy, the journey gave the English some much-needed confidence, considering their torrid history within the competition. With Southgate at the wheel and finally a squad with real depth, England has a good chance.

Brazil is another team that has a great chance of winning the World Cup. Everyone knows that Brazil is in love with football and one only needs to look at the history books and see how many footballers are Brazilian. With the likes of Neymar, Thiago Silva and Raphinha, it is no wonder why Brazil remains the favourites of so many bookies.

This World Cup looks set to be one to remember, and it is genuinely a difficult year to predict who will win. As is always the case when predicting results though, only time will tell.

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