• Home And Away

    Home And Away Now admittedly there has not been a great deal of activity from me in these past few days, if only because we’ve been in the darkness of […]

  • Weight On My Shoulders

    Weight On My Shoulders Now if you read the previous article, you would be aware of the fact that I’m now going to try parallel models, in order to get […]

  • Test And Learn

    Test And Learn If you read the previous article in the series, you would have seen me explain just why the Russian Premier League was the competition of choice and […]

  • Without Bias

    Without Bias If you read the previous offering in this series, you would have seen that ‘StatBot’ delivered a second week of profit and although the return was not as […]

  • Every Little Helps

    Every Little Helps If you read my previous article, you would have known that I made a slight but all-important tweak to ‘StatBot’, one that flipped the way in which […]

  • A Weekend Tweak

    If you have read the previous article in the series, you will be aware that I turned a profit in week one. But before I start celebrating, it’s time to […]

  • Profit Is Profit

    Profit Is Profit If you read the previous article in the series, you will know that last weekend was the first live testing of my predictive model, one that I’ve […]

  • From Russia With Love

    From Russia With Love Admittedly I’m not sure how many Russian based puns I’m going to be able to use as article titles, but if you had read the previous […]

  • Out Of Control

    Out Of Control In last week’s introductory article I outlined the start of this project and how it has evolved from the design of league form infographs. An evolution which […]

  • A Russian Supermodel

    A Russian Supermodel What does a Russian Supermodel and data have in common? More than you think actually. Although I must come clean at this point and let you into […]